So you can look at three you can look at three they are still two unknowns which means there is that risk that you’re choosing the wrong person and Abigail and Bridget can know that so if you give them an interest rate and if they are smart and they can do their own credit models they will look at that interest rate compare it because they have an information advantage of you and they can choose whether to accept it or not to accept it fortunately for banks and financial intermediaries not that many people are educated enough to calculate their own credit risk and what the right interest rates should be charged to them.

I don’t think banks are too phased about this on individual levels but when it comes to corporates it might be more of an issue that the corporates have better information they know whether the deal is going to be more sustainable or not and also they might not lie but they might bend the truth here so Bridget might pretend that no she’ll definitely get her job renewed at the end of the month or or Abigail be like I’ll definitely cut down on my expenses or I won’t I won’t mention that you know I have a pedicure every single day that costs ten randall something so information is is an important one it is power.

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