out I’ll rent the rooms or I meant the whole thing out to build the equity and now to get the mortgage down once I get the mortgage down to a certain level I’ll pull out the equity I’ll pull out the equity or I will sell the house and give it and give them and give whatever money we agreed to to the owner so they said two hundred thousand I’ve got the house rented out the mortgage is going down Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom

we get the mortgage all the way down to like 80 thousand or whatever I turn around and I sell that house for two hundred and fifty thousand right I give them I give the owners who I bought the house from after the last in the agreement of three years I say honey here’s your two hundred thousand I keep 50 right that’s normally how it works the messed up part about that is let’s say if I can’t find winners for the house then I’m stuck with the payments but let’s say I can’t

make the payments so now the owner of the house their credit is going to go down the tube and of course I’m probably gonna get phone calls I’m like what’s going on what’s happening you know I’m saying blah blah blah blah blah that’s a long story but subject to is pretty dangerous and pretty tricky but that’s another way that people buy homes without going to the bank or without using credit or without having good credit you know what I mean so that’s my

demo that one’s real tricky I hope that kind of made sense a third one though this is the one this is what I is having oops yeah having a business I’m just gonna bring a bag a bus having a business right LLC most typical having a business having an LLC it’s how you get property or how you get homes without using your own credit your own money things of that nature I showed you all that um I did create me an LLC for real estate recently and so cuz you know


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