now sometimes when you deal with somebody who’s inherited a property they want the cash now so you can do it one of two ways you could off from say hey I’ll give you 50 today or I’ll give you a hundred over time but would you rather have seen I’m saying some people may want the fifty today and if that’s the case you can get it under contract and called wholesaling or flipping you could flip it to another investor for sixty and make 10 grand real quick but

if they if it’s a if you give them an option the nice thing is you’re your owner financing deal looks a little better now my first deal that one with Marion that was just so lucky that guy knew about owner financing I didn’t know anything about it it worked out okay because I sold it a few years later and I bought it when the real estate market was going up so even though he thinks he overcharged me and thought he was a genius I actually made out okay on that deal but

with with these owner finance deals you also to make sure your payments are low this is really cool you could just set the payment however once you wanted you don’t have to have a standard interest rate you could say look I’ll pay you 100 grand over time seven hundred bucks a month how’s that let’s say okay and literally just seven hundred a month until you pay off 100 grand no interest interest free loan we do it all the time it works if you’re if you’re working

with somebody who would just wants to get out of a property another thing to consider the reason why they do this tax implications that Marion guy the reason why he sold it to me a ton owner finance was cuz he was a builder and he had just closed out a huge subdivision he said he built over 20,000 homes in his life this guy was a home builder had the jet had the economy guy was loaded and he didn’t want to get hit with the big fat tax that year based on his tax bracket


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