owner owed a hundred thousand and the total payment was like yes somewhere around eleven hundred bring it in 18 out of a month and only has to pay eleven hundred that’s good money in seven hundred bucks a month just whether you wake up or not it shows up seven hundred bucks well that owner needed ten grand some gambling debt or something guess there’s some casinos out South Dakota because of all the American Indians so gambling

debt problem needs to get 10 G’s fast and I student had some had a little bit of money in a retirement account paid 10 grand of the person
and the person gave him the deed and so now my students got a property that’s bringing in 700 bucks a month and had to put up ten grand you see how that worked so now there’s a little bit of an enticement to get him to go ahead and turn over the property but my students pump 700 bucks a month these

were long-term tenants it’s so far the last year it’s gone perfectly well they’re gonna get their 10,000 back in a couple of years right and then it’s all gravy and then here’s the best part that property was worth 160 and they only owe 100 that looks good on the balance sheet to an extra 60 grand looks good but with much comes much responsibility I’ve given you kind of the proverbial keys to the kingdom here y’all you could use this for evil or you could use it for good okay

let me give you an example of using these techniques for evil there was a fella I guess is the nicest way to say it in Nashville and here’s what he did he would go up to sellers of properties he would target the people that had bought homes and new subdivisions who were trying to sell him to sell their property because remember we talked about if you’re competing with the Builder it’s a lot harder to get rid of your property and they go up to him and he’d say oh I’ll take over your


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