not have had the time to build up a good credit history and even if you’ve had the time to build a good credit history a lot of people in this country don’t have good credit for whatever reason another problem with qualifying for a loan is you need high income they want to see that you’re making money when you go give your application to a banker they want to see how you’re making money well if you’re not making a lot of money it makes it tricky doesn’t it you also have

to have a low debt to income ratio so banks want you to have credit they want you to borrow money so you have good credit history but then they have this thing called debt to income and if you’re paying too many debt payments student loans credit cards car loans versus how much income you’re bringing and they won’t give you a loan either and they usually want a big down payment to a lot of people don’t like all this fun stuff so what what you’re gonna

learn here in the next hour or so is how to buy real estate without having to deal with any of this is that exciting by the way I’m gonna be asking checking questions to see if y’all are participating that way nobody falls asleep alright so what’s in it for you I talked about you could own your own off-campus house you know maybe when you graduate you want to own your own home this is a way you can do that and also since you all have been talking about investments

this is a way where you can start buying investment property so let me give you the story on my first deal I had just graduated from Vanderbilt and I was I had read a few books on this thing called real estate and so I I drove around this neighborhood near campus and there was a big for sale by owner sign you’ve seen those before so I’m all excited I’m gonna put this knowledge to some good work so I give the you know give this sign a call and person picks up


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