without buying homes I mean without using their own credit and when you use your own when you use your business to buy the property so what happens is basically at the end of the year of course you’re going to pay off your credit card with that money but this money won’t pay off the rest of the credit card you won’t owe 13,600 of course because throughout that year you will make your minimum payments until you get to the end and do the cash out refinance

which with the extra boatload of cash you pay off the credit card on the business and you pocket the rest of the money and that’s how I work no lie and that’s how you’re doing it so I know I had like a brain fart in between that whole thing but that’s how you buy a house using your business hope that helped. I know you have a lot of there is where you could be when I was in school I know I had a lot of choices and it was a constant battle do I go to class or not but thank you for being

here and I do reward action takers I believe that 90% of success is just showing up so because you showed up today you’re all gonna get my book you don’t have to go to Amazon you don’t have to go buy to Barnes & Noble on your way out the door you can get a free book how about that and also thank you dr. Harris for giving me this opportunity to share this with y’all and my story is when I first got started I was just graduating from Vanderbilt University

with a degree in mechanical engineering of all things and I did an internship as an engineer and I fell asleep at the desk and I said well this is this is not gonna be my life no way and so I start reading books on real estate and I got so inspired by it I said oh I’m gonna go out there and do it and I was a bit premature I should have probably had a job maybe a source of income because I ended up living out of my truck for a while before I got it all figured out and you’ll read about it in my


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