owner said to you they said well I if you’re gonna become the owner I still have to have some control here there’s one other thing you can do has anybody ever heard of a trust a land trust this is a really cool tidbit Florida is one of the best states in America for doing creative real estate the exact opposite would be Washington Washington’s like Russia it’s like communist whereas here here’s flexible you can do all sorts of stuff it’s capitalist right

we’ve lost a lot of money in Washington for deals that didn’t go through because they changed laws so on what happens is in the state of Florida you can you can buy real estate in the name on the deed can be a trust UCF trust you can name anything you want to Superman trust whatever you want to name it and then the trust then has these beneficiaries but here’s the beauty nobody knows who the real owners are all they see is the name of the trust they

have no idea cos that there’s no other documentation showing who the trust owners are so you can have complete anonymity now guess when the legislation was passed in Florida for the land trust you’re in Orlando what is one of the biggest things in Orlando when when Disney was buying up all that land he didn’t want anybody to know because if if all the other owners of the love of the land saw he was buying the other stuff they would go oh my stuff’s more valuable

and they charge him more so before the day before he bought his first property in Central Florida the the Land Trust legislation was passed in the state of Florida and Disney was a big part of it so we can think Walt Disney all real estate investors in Florida can thank him so that’s a really creative strategy as far as making sure nobody knows who the real owner is and there’s some real value in that at times because if you build a portfolio of 200 homes


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