you a story all right so this was the the owner of this property guy named cauri he was a friend of somebody I knew and they said you know Phil I hear that you’ve been getting into real estate and by the way real estate a lot of it is you can generate business through referrals for talking to other people and let them know what you do and so I said yeah I’m in real estate said well I got this friend of mine Corey who needs to get rid of his house now I said okay

I’ll go meet with him so I go over to this property here and I’m talking to Cory and this sweetie tells me he says well Phil the property’s worth about 105 and I owe about a hundred thousand he says I felt been trying to sell my property I’m just getting stuck why is Cory having trouble selling his home he owes about as much as it’s worth he can’t even pay the commissions and the closing cost when you sell a property there’s expenses it’s funny in real estate

when a deal closes you wouldn’t believe all the hands that come out ask him for money it’s pretty funny so he can’t sell his home well I I brought this up to him oh by the way his total payment was nine hundred I asked him I said well Cory what if I took over your payments I dealt with your 900 bucks a month that way cuz he was moving out that way you can move out and move on with your life he was like Oh that’d be amazing I said yeah now I can’t pay

off the whole 100 right now but maybe in a couple of years I’ll be able to do it but in the meantime I’ll just be able to deal with your payment and and Cory was happy to do it now is every sell are gonna be happy to do that no now this is a small fraction of the overall number of sellers out there in fact it’s even more so it’s even more reduced by the fact that typically we’re dealing with people who want to sell their home that are not working with a real estate agent


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