rather have somebody in there than nobody so there is some of that that’s that’s definitely going in a fun direction but I I could talk about that for a long long time about all these different angles you can take in the foreclosure game and it’s it’s all because there’s so many foreclosures the bank can’t get it all taken care of plus Florida as a judicial state they have to go in front of a judge and that just takes forever you’ve seen government employees they show up at nine they end

it to take a big lunch I can’t get through all those foreclosures amen brother that’s right okay so what are some common pitfalls the first is trying to convince an ordinary seller to do a creative deal we’re not selling people here you’re looking for people that are already motivated if you try to convince somebody to do something like this even if you’re a great salesperson you convince them at the point at which they sign a contract with you they can still change their mind you know

this is not like selling stereos out of the back of a pickup you know in the Walmart parking lot and once the exchange is made no refunds no returns it’s over now this is long term you saw the contract it could be at least 30 days before they do something and think about this you know if it’s not a good deal for them and they think that you’re gonna take advantage of them they’re don’t call their mom or their sister or their brothers like I say this is a good deal and they’re gonna

go no it’s a terrible idea so in other words you have to make sure you’re working with people that already want to do this so you’re not convinced him of anything we’ve worked with people that have a great sales background and they actually run into problems because they do such a good job of selling people on these things that the people end up you know going back and said I don’t want to do this anymore so work with people who want to do this that way when they’re at a cocktail


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