as 18% in the early eighties so 6.25 is kind of a slam dunk now here are some hidden benefits of this whole thing number one by the way the tenant pays about a thousand a month I still own that property by the way I don’t for a long long time every month that tenant is paying a little bit of that mortgage down isn’t he because a part of that nine hundred bucks a month is kind of chipping now that that mortgaged the overall hundred thousand which is nice so that’s building

equity for for me next it’s a low interest rate loan you’re also probably going to discover as you investigate the world of getting a loan out there that believe it or not investors have to pay a higher interest rate than people who live in the home people that live in a home are called owner-occupants because they live there and banks I suppose assume that you’re more likely to pay your own home mortgage bill than you would if you had an investor property so

investors have to pay a higher interest rate but you see what’s so creative about this subject to transaction you can get low interest rates even though you’re an investor okay so you’ve got a low interest rate loan and you have the other aspect of this which is property appreciation what’s appreciation price of the property goes up now what’s happened the last seven years depreciation most statistics are proving that we are at rock-bottom right now now I am I’m not

a prognosticator I’m not a market forecaster but as I’ll talk about a little later there’s a lot of indicators proving that now is the perfect time to buy a single-family home if you were gonna do it the next 20 years and you could all do it now is a wonderful time because most properties in places like Florida are actually it’s cheaper it’s cheaper to buy a property than it is for somebody actually building get the materials get the contractors out there buy the land and build a thing


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