just like examples here where I just like called up on a sign and whatnot that can sometimes be the most productive at times if you’ve got some time on your hands a little bit of gas in the vehicle because if you can just drive around and see some for rent and for sale signs that works for sale by owner signs excuse me but then once you get all fancy like the investors that that we work with then you start running advertisements and all sorts of stuff but you can do this simply by looking

for some signs going on Craigslist there’s a lot of junk on Craigslist but never so often you’ll find a gym the next thing is you have to have the right paperwork and that’s really where an attorney comes in you really want to use a real estate attorney and if you’ve been to the local real estate club around here they have attorneys that’ll help you with this you just tell them what you want to do say I want to do a subject – can you send me a contract that’ll do that here in the state of Florida

so I get any trouble some of these properties may need a little bit of fix up but would that be okay if you didn’t have to go get a loan you can become a homeowner if you had to be a little bit of paint and carpet would that be okay so some of these any you got a a this becomes all clear when you’re actually out there doing it because think about it some people are going to want to sell their home they’re not going to deal with a real estate agent y’all seen HGTV you

know when the real estate agent walks in they’re like oh yeah you’re gonna need to change this and knock out that wall yeah we don’t new kitchen definitely summers don’t want to hear that I mean when they’re tired and they’re stressed out and the kids are screaming and they want to sell their home so they can move on with life and they get a real estate agent walking in there with the high heels and telling them all about what needs to be done sometimes they


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