trouble selling the home right now I’ve had it listed for a couple of months and nobody’s buying that happens you know I mean here’s what his problem was his problem was that his condo complex was being built it was still being built at the time what that means is he was competing with builders and so if somebody came into that condo complex to buy a condo that builder were just taking about a handout come on down here we’re gonna get you some paint

we’ll get you whatever carpet color you want we’ll get you a brand new building and who do you think they’re gonna buy from the one that’s two years old that they can’t change the paint and carpet color or the brand new home you see so he was competing against this builder so he couldn’t sell the property so I asked him same thing I asked Corey I said would would it work for you if I you know I can’t buy this property for what what you’re asking right now and just

pay the loan off but what if I just took over the payments so you could move to Atlanta you get to your new job and get moving and then I could you know I deal with it from there and then at some point in the future I could sell it hopefully you know be in a couple of years I have to wait builder to finish building but then after that happens you know I can I can get rid of it then and he was all about it so I set the paperwork over to him well his mom was a twenty-year real estate

agent in Atlanta and she said whoa don’t just turn that house over to this old boy sorry I’m from Tennessee these are some Tennessee phrases he said instead do a lease with option so that’s what we did so in other words a lease with option is kind of a fallback plan if the seller won’t do is subject to and what happens is I put together the deal together for six years eight hundred bucks a month with the option to purchase it for 120 and so in this particular case I moved somebody


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