get turned off and if you can just walk up and say oh now leave the house a mess no worries the dirtier the better I’ll be over there in a minute sometimes they’re just like oh they just want to sign they want to get rid of the property and they don’t want to deal with the hassles that’s why sometimes these creative deals a little too cosmetic you know cosmetic is gonna be you know paint simple stuff I’m not talking about major things like plumbing or anything

if you have problems like that yeah then you have to consider do you have the money to pay a contractor to go fix those things and then all of a sudden there’s money out-of-pocket here’s an important drawback you’re usually not going to get as low of a price as if you paid all cash or you had a loan why is that yeah because you’re paying for the convenience of not getting a loan see if you got a bunch of cash in your hand you usually can buy things for cheaper

can’t you if you’re on the car lot or you’re you know you’re buying an appliance TV or whatnot in fact that’s a good way to go buy a TV at Best Buy in other places you can negotiate those things just take out the $100 bills and just start kind of fingering them so I’m looking for a TV today sir can you help me so if you got cash you can negotiate lower prices so you’re not necessarily gonna get the lowest price but is that always bad no sometimes it’s okay to pay full price

so long as you didn’t have to go get a loan and it may require a down payment there are gonna be times where the seller says okay I’ll let you take over my property but I’m gonna need at least five grand for move out expenses and I’ve got a good example that we had a somebody I teach out in South Dakota of all places it was a duplex and it was rented on both sides for 900 1800 all together and is there a marker okay don’t worry about it so 1800 month was coming in and this


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