get about three percent back mutual funds bonds and all that Yoo chul funds and all that you probably get about four percent your average savings account you’re looking at less than a 1% right zero point like zero two percent or something like that but in real estate your ROI in real estate should be always higher it’s gonna be definitely higher than that and I’ll show you guys that hopefully my phone doesn’t die my calculator so anyway they’re

accent eighty-five percent I mean eighty five thousand so what you do you got to run apart letting out the rental property sniffing really wrong with it right matter of fact let’s say this is a duplex and it has two tendency in fact no ten is just a regular regular single-family right eighty-five thousand but you want to buy it at a certain percentage so you take eighty five thousand times you want to buy for eighty five percent for 80% of the accent price so you do that times point 8 0 so

you will offer you’ll tell them hey I will do 86 thousand so you do 86,000 Z and they agree to 86,000 that’s 85 that’s 80% of the accent price right so this is what your body for I’m gonna say my price you can play with that a little bit some people are down in 75 percent 75 to 85 but 80 percent is the like the minimum right so we we already know that they’re there action for 85 we will do our research and stuff and look at numbers and comps in the neighborhood

but most likely the host is probably either work for 85 a little bit lesser or a little bit more not not too drastic right anyway we buy for 85 I mean for 68 but we need a down payment this is where the business credit card comes in handy now as a real estate investor I’m put as an investor you need at least 20% down payment at least 20% down payment as an investor that means that you’re not living in the property you’re going to rent it out or something or sell it but you


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