payment right maybe a couple of thousand to catch up the back payments you can actually help their credit which it’s better for you to catch up the payments than for them to sell their home if they sell their home while they’re behind it actually hurts their credit more so it actually can help them maybe some people let’s say Phil I am NOT gonna just turn my house over to you just because you’re gonna take over the payments that’s fine that’s dandy

but I’m not gonna just give you my home in that case we go to a lease option that’s the third way the lease option the owners still on the deed the owners still on the mortgage the owner still owns the home the difference is you get a lease and you get the option to buy RAZR get if you’ve signed a lease here okay great so you’ve been through that experience before with a landlord well it’s basically a lease but then you also get an option to buy the property for maybe a couple

of years or more and that option to buy what’s nice about that is you’re the only one who can buy it but you don’t have to buy it okay let me give an example of a deal like that so this was a for rent sign so if you’re driving around and you’re looking for a for your next rental for maybe next semester where you live you may want to use this little technique here so I I saw this for rent sign and it was in front of this condo here and I I gave the owner a call and I said

how much he asking for rent and let me see what my numbers are hold on I forgotten already all right yeah he said he said well I need at least eight hundred minimum eight hundred I really have to do 850 how wasn’t a good negotiator sorry telling me it’s a little bit right and I said oh I said I gotcha what’s the situation so well just graduated from Vanderbilt nursing and I got a job in Atlanta and I’d like to to get moved out as quickly as possible and and I’m having


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