are moving that’s why they’re selling now they’ve been trying to sell it for like 125 but they’ve had no offers they’re blaming a bad economy and this that the other now they owe about a hundred and ten thousand and the issue is when they move they’ve got another rent payment coming up in Tampa where they’re moving to and they simply can’t make double house payments what kind of deal is this it could be a subject to why yeah they can’t make double

house payments they’re gonna have to do something either they’re gonna stop making payments on this house when they move or there ain’t moving and when people have a job transfer and sometimes they’ve got to move there is no option now what if they don’t agree to a subject – you can do that lease option and then you can check the title to make sure there’s no liens and then you could actually file a second mortgage if you had some cash in

the bank to prove was a real second mortgage question yeah well
what you would do is you’d actually check the title because in that case that her debt was against the title to the property which is at the recorders office there are some programs that you can pay for that’ll do it like a search of all of the liens against a property the the courthouse also some courthouses actually have it all blind you could search it for free or you could actually just go down there and

you could you could ask the person there hey could you pull up any liens against this property and then there’s this thing called a title search which a closing company or a title company does and they officially look up the title so the other way you could do it is pay a hundred bucks to a title searcher and they would go do it and there’s a million title companies in the city you just search anyone and they do it for you good question so their total payment was nine seventy


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