book just how I went from living on my truck to where I am today I live in Central Florida here I live in New Smyrna Beach my wife and I we got to the point economically where we could live anywhere in the world we wanted to so we we looked from San Diego Seattle New York where do we want to live and we chose New Smyrna Beach beachside so kind of living the dream now and it’s a result for real estate okay so show of hands how many people

here raise your hand if you own real estate okay great raise your hand if you would like to own real estate ok great raise your hand if you would like to learn how to buy real estate without having to go get a bank loan and without having to put down a down payment all right perfect cuz that’s what I’m talking about today good this is going to be the subject of creative real estate finance ok this this training is it’s coming mostly from the school of hard knocks but also

there are publications on these particular subjects it’s just not as much mainstream this is very creative it’s outside the box but it can apply to just about everybody but you think about it think if you could own a piece of property right now you didn’t have to go to a bank so you didn’t have to worry about your income or your credit what if you could buy a property

right now and maybe you lease it out a couple of the rooms to your friends and so you live rent-free or maybe you were like me in college and the biggest and most important thing was to be able to throw the biggest parties and the Landlord would have a problem with it so if I own my own property I wouldn’t have that issue um when you have to qualify for a loan the first thing you need to deal with this good credit history you know if you’re in college or you may


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