payment’s yeah it’ll all be good you just move out everything will be fine and then he wouldn’t start making the payments instead he’d move a tenant in there and just collect the rent just the rent each month until the house went to foreclosure now the thing is believe it or not houses can take a year or more to go to foreclosure a year and a half two years so this guy was just collecting rent and letting people’s credit be destroyed now he did end up going to jail the point

is you can use it for evil and that’s not what this is about with much knowledge come as much responsibility so if you are going to do these creative deals you need to make sure you follow through those commitments so what that means that you’re gonna take over someone else’s house and you’re gonna pay their mortgage payment you better pay it or don’t jump into it or or just don’t get in the business but you don’t want to be in a situation where you did what that guy

did question no the only reason why he got legally penalized had to do with the fact that he he was literally lying and he had a paperwork that said he was gonna pay so if he wouldn’t have done that actually from a legal standpoint he would never got any legal trouble he just would have made a lot of people mad and just been a jerk yeah oh yeah I mean didn’t you can he just this is another thing about crooks you’ll learn is they eventually get caught because they’re just not smart

enough they always leave a couple of holes and that’s what he did but it’s technically possible that you could you know if you didn’t use any other paperwork but just had them sign the deed over there’d be no paperwork to prove that you promised to pay you could do them well the people have the mortgage their credits getting destroyed [Music] right go back to the credit bureaus good question you can’t go back to the credit bureaus and go look you’re not gonna believe


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