only for you interest only it means it’s gonna be a lower monthly payment cuz you’re not paying any principal you’re just playing the interest each day when you when you have a mortgage a part of it goes toward the principal part of it goes toward the interest okay so the total payment was eleven hundred now I gotta tell you this was a quaint little house just you know just south of Vanderbilt campus in Nashville and 3-bedroom 2bath like that would at the most

rent for $1,000 a month but here this thing is I don’t have to pay 1100 so here’s what I did I rented each of the three bedrooms for 500 apiece and I brought in 1500 the best part is the parents co-signed now Here I am 22 years old no clue what I’m doing and one of these tenants was late on his rent I got a parent to call me and apologize I am so sorry the payments not do I think you know when it was due I’m overnight in you your rent I couldn’t believe it I shouldn’t even

own this place never mind they got a parent you know bowing down to me is the landlord so I brought in four hundred bucks a month each month raise your hand if you want four hundred bucks a month coming in extra not all of you that’s okay that’s fine I understand y’all got bigger sites you’ll be billionaires so I was bringing in $400 a month positive cash flow how come I was able to positive cash flow on this property when normally it rents for a thousand

what did I do I leased it out to two students didn’t I student student Reynolds is some of the smartest rentals you’ll ever do because the parents are gonna cosign and the students are gonna be back next year and next year the college ain’t going nowhere whereas if you if you had a lot of rental property next to a big plant or factory that could go out of business right and y’all made no more than I do but I think that the state of Florida had me on on the business yet and UCF’s


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