want to you want to get it as a down payment 20% at least right so 68 thousand times zero point two zero you need $13,600 as a down payment thirteen thousand six hundred dollars that’s your down payment well this is how much you need to buy this property to get another contract and everything right so let me switch markers in a second so how where’d you get this money from your business your business credit card limit just happens to be

15,000 so your credit complete being business credit card your bcz limit is 15 okay so you can buy this property your business credit card limit it’s so hard because you have good personal credit and that translates over to your business so what you do you buy the property for the thirteen thirteen sixteen words it’ll be so I don’t forget thirteen six oh that’s 20% down put your business credit card thirteen six you bought it for 86 in 1868 68k and that was

your down payment and I was helped so much two houses work so now you go to 86 86 thousand subtract 13,000 homes nine five percent hopefully this last is for us you subtract that so now you’re making payments on fifty four thousand and four and four hundred dollars that’s going to be your mortgage M orgy that’s your mortgage fifty four thousand four hundred a month your monthly payments on fifty four thousand four hundred spy won’t be like for you 500 a month

if that that’s gonna be your mortgage painting so all you got to make is $500 a month that’s where insurance and everything right if I looking at like final $1 a month so what you got to do is now rent this property out so you’re going to rent this property always three bedrooms two bathrooms right or two bedrooms one bathroom you can’t rent this property out for me backtrack you’re all-in price is this fifty four thousand all land price so what what happiness that’s how much


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