and that’s a really special time because real estate in general this is kind of a fascinating statistic and you’ll see it in the book as well residential real estate over the past hundred years has not appreciated on average a professor out of Yale put this together from like 1900 I’m sorry 1910 to like 2010 it actually just keeps pace with inflation now certain pockets of residential real estate go up above that that a that a flashing Airy number that’s kind of interesting that means

real estate doesn’t really appreciate it just kind of stays with inflation but in a situation like now where Real Estate’s gone way too far down now there’s a little there’s a little gap or an opportunity so in this particular case I’ve benefited from all three of these and I still own this property so I have a tenant in there right now paying the mortgage off giving me a little bit of money extra each month it’s not a lot of money but then I’m building equity each and every month year

after year now with the property when I bought this property prices are about at the same mark as they were when I bought this thing so it’s not like I’ve appreciated much but I haven’t lost anything and I’m looking better and better each and every month that’s how you build wealth you build wealth by owning real estate and this is how you can do it without having to go get a bank loan oh great question property management property management in my opinion

comes down to one thing tenant selection you choose your tenants wisely so I choose tenants I love nurses anybody in the medical field because they’ll have a job tomorrow they’ll be able to pay me plus nurses if they ever fall behind can pick up a
couple of extra shifts and then what I do is I direct draft the payments right out of their bank account on the first comes out of their bank account if they if it if it over drafts I hit them again on the next day and then


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