and what was going on so he would rather sell it to me over time he’d have to pay all the tax all at once kind of interesting right so sometimes the owner finance deal is what the seller wants to do anyways ha so you get to be a homeowner you didn’t have to get along what you do is you have an attorney create a mortgage it’s how they have an attorney do it just say hey here’s the deal and you just you just tell them the term say look here’s what I worked out

this guy’s gonna be the bank I’m gonna pay him seven hundred bucks a month till I pay off a hundred thousand set up the paperwork let’s close this or a title company can do it too and they’ll don’t write it up that’s the good news about this you can get somebody else do the actual paperwork yep how long they’re going to wait that’s a good question well I tell you what you do you stretch it out as long as you can right you say look it’s gonna take me at least 90 days

Paul it’s gonna take some time and sometimes they’re ok with that now sometimes they’re not and they give you only like 30 days and then you just get on it you hustle I’ll tell you one of the best tips about how to find an investor is get you a to get you one of those if you see those little white coroplast signs and get a big old like magnum 44 marker like to go on the Space Shuttle kind of markers and just put you know for sale 100k house for 50k and a phone number the

phone will ring off the hook and off the hook now don’t put out too many of those signs we tell you I did one time I I had a bunch of signs out there and I kept getting a phone call take down these signs man you know it’s Tennessee I mean it’s just it’s like you know that that show about the guys that had those those distilleries where they’re making the moonshine yeah that’s Tennessee take these things down man so I was like I hadn’t found a buyer yet and


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