I try to hit their credit card and if that happens and I still got the money I sent it to my eviction attorney and he takes care of it and it doesn’t matter which state you and if you have the right admission attorney they can be out in 30 days I make it very militant I’m not their buddy I’m not their friend this is business and if they’re not paying the mortgage I got to pay the mortgage if I got to pay the mortgage that’s less money for my wife to go shopping with and then I hear

it I should say it’s less money to build wealth but less money to give to charitable causes so here’s a question I always get Phil why would anyone agree to leave their name on the loan and let you become the owner hey why would we say here Phil take my home oh by the way that’s fine my loan will stay on my credit for the next ten years you just pay it each month he need to get rid of his home he was in a tight spot most people aren’t in his situation but we’re not dealing

with most people are we we’re dealing with a select few people they need to be motivated to get rid of their property and this is our little tip in business you may want to circle this in your ongoing notebook of life you are not always your customer have you ever looked at a retail store before and god I’d never go there I never buy anything there they’re overpriced at it you are not their customer business is cater to certain customers and if you’re not in that little that little box

you may never understand what that business is even alive you all of us in this room college-educated we met and may never in our right minds let somebody just take our home and they and they just make payments to the mortgage but there’s a lot of people that are in desperate situations and need to get out and sometimes this works out really well I give an example if somebody’s actually falling behind on payments and you can catch them up now that would be a little bit of a down


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