and just try to get rid of it because you get rid of it before they’d ever do their foreclosure but yeah they’re getting their payments they’re as happy as can be in fact I mean literally as far as paying these banks even though your name’s not on the loan I mean you literally can set up direct draft you could they’ll take the money how every way they can get it so yeah you can definitely do it that way a good question all that’s great question go ahead a great question

they would if they were not motivated to get rid of their property Oh they’d have a real problem with that but if they’re desperate they’re moving away they got to get rid of something they get to the point where they just don’t care and it’s it’s an interesting situation because you may never be through it in your entire life you may never go through that situation but once you meet just one of these people who tells you Phil just take my home I don’t care just take it I’m so tired

of it maybe it’s a divorce that’s an interesting situation because in a divorce typically one party is the one on the loan and so what happens is that party is the one that’s most freaked out about not being able to make their payments and sometimes they’re just like look I’m going through a divorce I don’t want to deal with this I hate this home or you’re dealing with an absolute crazy person funny story so the nicest part of Tennessee is a place called Brentwood is one

of the nicer parts of Orlando and Windermere those kind of areas okay so I want you to picture like the nicest part of Orlando and a buddy of mine told me the story cuz he owns the home right now and he was he was thumbing through the newspaper this was this was in the year 1999 he’s thumbing through the newspaper he sees an ad or somebody selling the property for like a third of what they should be selling it for I mean super super cheap he’s like that’s


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