then I say okay that’s cool don’t worry about it I’m not even gonna check your credit you give me a down payment of X amount of money however much you agree to and you make your payments directly to me we can do this several ways you can do payments as interest only or you can do you could youcould your traditional break it down to a certain percentage of principal not a certain percentage of interest comes out but instead of paying the bank you will pay me directly right

so that’s the way that people who want to buy homes can get homes if the owner owns the property outright and they’re willing if the owners willing to work with the potential buyer so that’s way number one no money I mean you know you don’t need a credit check or whatever for that right subject to subject to pretty dangerous stuff right subject 2 means I own the house I still have a mortgage on the house but you ask the potential buyer you say Amen I want to take over the deed of the property and move in to the house

so basically how it works is like this I don’t love you too familiar with the whole real estate game in general but I’m getting a dream so it’s two documents one is the mortgage that you agree to do the bank in the lender right that’s the document we have another document which is duda which is to the title company basically is the deed or the history of the property saying that you right so those two different documents your name can be on the mortgage right but the name that actual owner of the property can be totally different

so it’s two separate things so what happens is most people will do will do either who do this one it’s only maybe 5% of the market place from where studies and research have shown right so subject 2 is for people who are really in desperate situation as the home seller they lost their job their significant other just died they don’t have the means to keep up with the payments and they just want to get rid of the property by any means necessary right even risking the fact well beside work you take over


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