I’m like man I can’t take these things down now if it was like a cop or something I’d go take him down it’s just some normal citizen and he called one night and he said if I don’t see these things gone by tomorrow I’m gonna rip them all up I’m gonna turn him around I’m gonna write free pitbull puppies in a phone number I’m gonna stick him in the ghetto I couldn’t leave how creative it was I was like who’s gonna do that he did it 200 phone calls a day I had to get

rid of the phone number I don’t know where he put all the signs the phone just kept going off the hook if you were to ruin someone’s cell phone number get that down that’ll work for you okay that was that was a bonus I’m not gonna charge you for that one all right dr. Harris if I’m stretching into a wrong direction you let me know you reel me back in sir for sale by owner sign you see it and it’s the see this home it’s a nicer home they’re asking 150 for it they owe 130 on it they’re

buying a new built home so some home builder just wooed them into a beautiful new home new subdivision where you know they got the the pretty entrance and they’ve got the water coming out of the lake and they need to sell the property so they can pay off the mortgage so they can freed up their credit so they can buy the new home kind of deals this yeah it’s none of the ones I’ve talked about is it these people need to pay off their mortgage to get rid of their home so they can

buy the new one you’re gonna run into this out there and you can’t do a creative finance deal now you could try to you could try to like flip it if they owe 130 you could try to do that we call it a retail wholesale we talked about at my book but sometimes that can be a little rough because there’s not much room left in the deal when you have to flip a property and there’s real estate agents involved in closing costs that stuff really adds up so yeah this is this is not a creative finance


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