I have my other home song is written it out from section 8 here probably next year if it doesn’t sail by then so anyway to do what we want to do as partners within this real estate game we each need to have our own LS our own LLC right so to create a LLC it’s pretty simple all you want to need is one hundred dollars one hundred and three dollars to create it and that’s simple so basically how I work I work since you create your LLC right let’s call it Joe Properties LLC

so Joe Joe mama uh Joe goes to the bank and creates an LLC creates a UH a business account I’m counting never account when the bank now for us we’re going to probably use negative most of us but you create a business account with the bank so they’re going to ask you it’s some big application you fill out you just fill it out as normal put the business name and blah blah blah blah blah it’s on actually about do you want to get information about

business lines of credit business credit cards business savings accounts and all that just mark all look check out the morning application right the main thing though is what people are using to get homes without using their own property is buying the house with their business but this is how they’re doing it so you want to get a business article business a few times a business credit card or some see a business credit card now you want to get it not just

any business credit cards you can open up a business get a business credit card for five hundred dollars and interest rate of twenty four percent and that’s not what we trying to do that’s not what we want that’s not good strategic activities for the business what you want is a credit card with zero percent a P R or twelve months ago six to twelve months and some go twelve to eighteen months twelve eighteen months interest-free now remember that write


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