the city of course you would take nineteen percent every time right oh wait I’m not finished so that was a ready to return nineteen percent when that property now remember we use a business credit card to buy the property we have to pay the business credit card off so we know this is our this is how much we’re getting total for the year now in order to pay the credit card off right credit card was what uh we paid 13-6 so the house was worth eighty six we bought it for eighty six but

let’s say the house was worth erase this so y’all got that right all right that was the freighter returned the house was worth we bought it for 86 but the house let’s say it was worth 83,000 that was a word okay eighty-three thousand that was about you all right does the value and and we got the mortgage down you say thirteen twenty right 13200 a month so we would subtract that from 54 I think we already had that number before and I lost it so 54 for take

away 13 2013 200 so you take away what you owe on the property fifty four thousand four hundred take away from the total amount of rate you will get the gross rent amount which was the 13 – you take that away actually it would take away the UH and read old it was a ten thousand six hundred that’s what you took back that’s what you made so subtract that that would give you forty three eight zero so and that’s arm on which you all take away

10,000 see sundry that’s what they pay so then slaughter numbers man lie number so I’m in my second oh you would do that’s when it’s the end of the year so twelve months is passed as too much money that you may pocket it in your pocket but that money would really go to the mortgage because you wouldn’t take the money and put it in your pocket for real because you’re not looking for this money you’re trying to get that principle down jeonggi the physical payment –


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