deal so it’s kind of a trick here this is an example of where it doesn’t work even if the person is as motivated as all get-out if they’re begging you they’re on their knees take my home it doesn’t work because they need to get they need to pay off their current mortgage it’s thinking about the new one make sense all right cool just I figured I’d leave it open for some more questions and they coming to mind and what I’ve talked about here then yeah go ahead yeah now what he’s talking

about is in a lot of mortgages they write in their a sentence that basically says if you change the deed we have the right to foreclose it’s called the due on sale clause and when you’re doing the subject to where you get the deed the deed is just change you do trigger that clause so he’s asking do we ever have any problems with that well I’ve never heard of it seen it I’ve never been

a part of it it’s it’s a lot more rare than seeing Bigfoot yeah the bank’s just happy to get their money is it possible that a bank could look at the title and go huh you change the deed up we’re gonna foreclose that’s true that could happen we’ve never seen it happen in in 10 years and tens of thousands of properties it is possible and where we think it’s most possible would be if you didn’t pay the mortgage if you didn’t pay it they’d eventually look at the title when they’re going to the

foreclosure process and they go wait a minute the borrower’s not the same name as the owner oh they changed the deed lets foreclose but that would be because you hadn’t paid them for eight months or longer but yeah so we haven’t we haven’t had that to be a problem and then here’s the thing to think about there if that ever was to happen you know just your luck you get struck by lightning right just your luck that happens to you well you could always just sell the property at that point


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