question yeah well if they if they take over the property they take over your lien now it’s their problem now technically it’ll still be in your name the lien or but but if they ever want to sell that property they got to deal with it yeah because what will happen is the way the recorders office works is when you record a deed that doesn’t necessarily disappear who the loans are because another separate documents so yeah those whatever lanes are there will stick

around and I don’t know that it works like that in Florida because I haven’t dealt with it but in Tennessee the bankruptcy and in collections attorneys of Tennessee they all got together one day and figured out how to make sure they can get paid more money with doing no work it’s called making it a law that you’ve got to pay all the loans off before you can sell real estate they do they attachments all right yeah they just they stay there yeah I would have done

the subject to where I became the owner I would have just said you am out of said look if I’m gonna promise to make your payments every single month so you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore I’m gonna have to be the owner we’re gonna have to put this property you have to deed the property to me I don’t want to do a lease option because if I do a lease option I had that sort of threat now the other thing you could do but you could record a second mortgage

to protect your interest but then you’d have to show that that actual money was transferred so if you had an extra 30 grand in your bank account you could say you lent the money to yourself but if you don’t have that money you really can’t do that so really the best way to do it is just do a subject to or a lease option is kind of your last case resort but then you’d want to do a title search and make sure the person wasn’t full of liens hey kind of a funny little side note if the


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