strange he calls the guy up guy goes yeah no 230 grand that’s what I’m offering and my friend was like isn’t it worth like seven hundred thousand or it is this house like a you know like a crater what’s going on guy goes nah house is in great shape wonderful shape guys like well alright are you hiding something guy says no this the guy that owned the property who was getting rid of it was worried that in the year 2000 the world was going to blow up this guy invented the

noodle the noodle that you see in those pools he was a multi multimillionaire he didn’t really need the money he thought the world was gonna end so he sold this thing for 230 it was worth seven hundred thousand my buddy buys it and he can’t believe it the guy helped him move in you know anything I can do for you dr. Campbell you’ve done enough sir good enough well you know the end of the world didn’t happen apparently the guy who this Stefan not funny his wife

left him it took the kids with her he went bankrupt and so I guess to him the world did end but self-fulfilling prophecy but yeah we do people just do nuts stuff oh yeah oh yeah we got a new opportunity thank you sir yeah December 21st maybe you just run a couple ads in Craigslist I’ll buy your home before the world ends that’s exactly what his point was Oh Oh because his plan was he okay he’s that’s a various student right well he was thinking kind of like Mad Max the Thunderdome

he was thinking he’d be like a knight he bought a camper like a so he and he went on to the wood he went out to the high mountains I mean I was thinking you know like I’m you know I don’t know if there’s some shows about it we’re basically the whole world has ended but a couple of people are left you know and he was thinking he was gonna be the person to keep the keep the population going wish it you know it’s kind of scary he probably procreated right all right scene


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