that down matter-of-fact you want to get a credit card with zero percent Interest six to twelve months most likely is going to be twelve months some go as far as eighteen months but most likely it won’t be twelve months now how do you qualify for something like that through your business well this is where your personal credit which some of us already shared there we do have a good credit right your personal credit has to be personal credit has to be at least seven

twenty credits for that’s going to tell the banks and the lenders of the credit card that this guy is trustworthy because they did David anyway with their credit and that’s how your personal credit can affect your business right but technically you’re not using your personal credit to make this transaction happen you’re just showing them that hey this is my personal credit now cannot qualify for this and they’re gonna say of course you qualify for this credit card we’re gonna

give it to you so created the business got the credit card so Savalas how do you get the proper let me explain so this work i’ma go to my calculator show you some numbers so you got a credit card no interest for a year and you find a property for let’s say eighty five thousand no let’s say you find a property for eighty five thousand let’s use eighty five 85 k right so you work out a deal with the seller and say their accent if I just ask the ex comprise that’s the accent price

this can get really deep because we deliver real estate you really care about when dealing with rent and holding it certain numbers you’re looking for so you’re looking for a rate of return which is known as our oh-ah it’s what the culinary motors they were are aligned it’s a percentage and you want the percentage to be high versus compared to your CD percent that you would get back so if you gave a certain them out to the bank in a CD you will probably


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