basically the payments of the mortgage and you make them payments to the bank instead of me making the payments so what happens is as the owner I will sign you over the deed of the property and say okay would let me use an example here’s the day I’m a sign is over to mr. Jones now mr. Jones owns the property he really owns the property the house itself but the mortgage amount no matter how much is on that mortgage that’s still in my name

so that’s why I say this can get really tricky and as the person buying that house or getting the property that way you can really mess somebody up so if you do it like this subject to you have to be a real stand-up person because you can really mess somebody’s credit up or whatever the ironic thing about that is most people who do in subject to who are selling the property their credit is already on the verge of being messed

up so they’re trying to get out anyway so at this point they kind of don’t care about their credit or whatever because let’s say if you go to buy the property as using subject to right so let’s rose reverse so I’m buying a property subject-to from you and you say man just take over my payments I say I say all right man how much your payments Oh 850 a month okay cool I got that so also in the subject to there’s an agreement that says

three years from now when I’m able to sell this house I’ll give you whatever you ask for it with the selling price right so you asked for to sell the house for two hundred thousand I get it from you subject to me and I make the monthly payments to the bank you don’t make the payments you don’t worry about nothing you’re supposed to be free of all stress as far as making the payments so now way what happens is me I won’t in most cases I won’t live in the house I already house


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