we’re not talking about our VA loans we’re talking about other ways right so now you hear people let me make this disclosure first there was a big spider over here in my house and I tried to kill it I don’t think I killed it so if you see me run you know why or if you see me leave it’s because I’m trying to kill it or I’m running front so y’all be on the lookout so it might across somewhere so anyway all right there’s a few ways you hear people all the time

you may hear commercials or whatever are you see signs out while you’re driving we sell houses we buy homes bla bla bla bla bla throughout my research this is what I’ve discovered this is what I’ve learned right and a few investors that I’ve talked to is that this is basically how it works there’s multiple ways to get home without using your own credit your own money things of that nature right so that most two popular ways are seller finance and subject to

I’m turning the third way that’s gonna be the way that we’re going to use most likely all right seller financing right this basically means that the owner of the house whoever owns the property they have they own the property where they owe no more money on the property so they own a property outright the only thing their pain is property tax to the city every year for hours they do not have a mortgage so what happens in southern Finance situation is

you want to buy the house right instead of you’re going to get a loan to buy the house right so you don’t need no loan you talk straight to the to the owner which would be me in this example and you say I want to buy your house for $200,000 then I say how you want to buy you’re gonna say well my credit is not good you probably won’t say that they probably won’t say that but most people credits not good and they can’t get a conventional loan or they don’t qualify for any conventional loans right.


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