five and so you could do a subject to now what if this property only ran for nine hundred right you’re losing money is that a good idea I know that sounds like such a simple question it’s like no-brainer telling you I’ve met people they’re like oh my first subject too and I only lose a hundred bucks a month yeah you don’t want to do that now in this particular case if it was say a three-bedroom two-bath how could you maybe rent for more money

you know some students now the great thing about y’all is you know this campus or at least this part of campus so you know where people are walking in and out you know where to stick some billboard a little you know a little tear offs you know how to potentially send out messages I don’t know if they allow like emailing between groups but you know how to access the student body here better than a typical landlord who’s never been to school

here’s that make sense so you have better access to students to be able to rent too I got a friend of mine up in Pennsylvania that this is all he ever did was student housing he sell his whole portfolio for like four point five million I was talking to me today about ten years out of school honeybat four and a half large okay so here’s challenge number two for sale by owners sign to give it a call persons asking a hundred thousand they’ve inherited

the property they got no loans on it but it may need some work because they inherited it it’s been vacant for a little while they they haven’t dealt with the property it was their mother who lived there and she hadn’t really kept it up all that well doesn’t want to deal with a real estate agent doesn’t want some agent to walk in that property and tell them how much work needs to be done to it owner lives in Tampa what kind of deal is this owner financing that’s right


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