is kind of your only option for properties that have no loans on them so it’s it’s kind of like having a couple of different arrows in your quiver you can bring out one if it you know if it suits best to bring out another to pay on the situation the subject two is nice because you become the owner there’s a real problem with lease options and that is that if you’re not the owner that person could get liens against them and let me tell you a war story okay this brings out some pain so

if I get emotional here shortly you’ll understand why I had done a lease option and I had this tenant buyer in the property and they were gonna buy it and I was gonna make $45,000 cash was gonna go into my bank account I could almost see the money I mean I was already dancing I mean this was the greatest thing since sliced bread well guess what happened right before closing the title company found out that the sellers wife had never paid her student loan debt student

loan debt never goes away y’all unless you pay it you can’t file bankruptcy to get rid of it it just it’s like glue it just sticks to you well apparently she didn’t tell her husband when they got married that this had happened in fact they got married after I’d own the property but in the state of Tennessee as soon as you get married to somebody you both own the property so she had seventy thousand dollars in student loan debt now if I would have done a subject to I would

have owned the property and her student loan debt would not have mattered but instead I didn’t property in the Tennessee if you’ve got any judgments filed against you at the courthouse those have to be paid before something sold $45,000 did not go into my bank account that day in fact it never did on that property I had to give it back to him that’s the thing about the lease options you can give the property back to him because you’re leasing it from them your


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