all it takes is one tenant to say ooh here’s mr. rich man and we’ll sue him so if every property is in a different name it’d be really hard to search and figure out all your properties and also what they could do is if somebody like you neptr particular situation if we move it into a trust I could still let that guy his name was or cinta or sit to say I get your check how can you forget losing $45,000 right I could have had or sent to be to be the beneficiary of that trust but

that would have still worked because then I wouldn’t have had to deal with the with the student loans the problem is is when you leave it in their name long term you can you could potentially not be able to sell it down the line are you all going to good times is fine okay and again the lease option is is kind of a fallback plan all right so what are some wrong drawbacks all right in the real world everything is not rosy right first thing is you got to have a motivated person

now I see it so often where someone you know hears about these strategies and they go out there and they try it like well it didn’t work well it didn’t work as you were talking to somebody wasn’t interested this may be a bad analogy but it’d be kind of like a guy who is just in love with a girl who just absolutely was not at all interested you know and they go to class and you know she starts kind of going a different route I don’t really want to see this guy and he’s like

yeah I haven’t seen her in a while yeah the point is is they’re not interested and that’s the same thing here you’re not looking for the majority of sellers out here that would look at this and go I’m not gonna just let you take my home or I’m not gonna be the bank if I if I own my home outright for $100,000 I want a hundred grand cash in my in my hand when I sell it now we’re looking for that group of people that is desperate there’s a lot of ways to find those people you heard some stories about


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