this this slick-talking short guy from New Smyrna came rolling in told me some good ideas and yeah I’m in a bit of hot water kid is there any way we could reverse life then they won’t do it they’ll just it’ll to be destroyed and so you can get your credit repaired that’s a whole nother industry so that helps people in certain cases but yeah it’s one of those things once it happens it there’s no really way to erase it but after seven years usually

yeah yeah that’s a whole nother that’s a fun little story I’m eight I forget a little more time about the HOA game but what he was also mentioning is the idea that let’s say somebody has not made a mortgage payment in a year they even live in for free for a year they’re worried it’s gonna go to foreclosure they move out now that property sitting vacant grasses growing tall what some people are doing what he’s saying is they’ll go in they’ll contact that owner they’ll find out

the address they’ll do like a skip trace or hire a private investigator find who that person is talk to him and say look your house is vacant would you mind if I moved a tenant in there on like a two three month lease kind of thing and just collect a little bit of quick money and then I’ll give you half they’re like yeah and you can do that now remember the person’s credits already destroyed so they don’t really care if they continue to not make payments and it actually works pretty

well but again there’s a the issue of course is you have to find a tenant who wants to move all their furniture in there for a month or two because you can’t keep that lease going very long yeah that’s right I’ve heard that as well that the bank has to honor it you know yeah if it’s right you know in in West Palm and in other parts of this the state as well there’s lots of foreclosures that are there being inhabited by homeless people and the banks are happy to have it because I’d


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