doing just fine so student rentals is not only consistent not only is it good to have the parents cosign but also you can rent by the room so hopefully by the end of this you’ll be inspired you may say you know what maybe I should go in my own rental maybe I should start to lease out some of the you know the other rooms and then I can live for free but there are three creative ways to buy real estate I just talked about the first one which is owner financing and by the way at the end

of this you can ask me any questions you have because if I run too fast through some of this and you didn’t quite get everything just just make some notes and then it will touch on the end so owner financing works when the owner owns the property outright what kind of property owners owned properties outright with no loans on them that’s right he just said old people that’s right older people retirees they they have been paying on that mortgage for 30 years they’ve paid

it off that also means properties that are inherited by all people right so that’s another example and so when people owned properties outright you have the ability to potentially negotiate an owner finance deal so that’s one way in which you can buy a real estate without a loan pretty cool huh the next way is through a a subject to subject to means subject to the existing financing meaning there’s already a loan on the property and you’re literally just going to take over that

loan and I’ll go into that in just a minute a little more detail and the third way major way to do this is through a lease option which is kind of quasi I mean a lease option you don’t own it you control it because you rent it with the option to buy it but we’ll talk about each one of those as well and in detail all right so real estate 101 you all may already know all this but it sets up nicely for the next slide okay to own a home what really signifies ownership is that deed de


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