pool dadgummit yes question oh that’s a great question I am gonna argue the best way to get tenants is not only to do Craigslist and what not to put out some signs as well and then if you’re if you’re doing student housing get the word out get to get the word out in any way you can I mean just do an all-out attack tell people you know I like to put signs out in front of hospitals because they all got jobs at a hospital

I mean the hospital is just at you know just surrounded by my side it’s a it’s a state of Tennessee a bunch of collection attorneys are so much smarter about creating laws and they didn’t want to go hire a bunch of paralegals through their work form so they made it a state law that anytime anytime a judgement against a property was recorded that it had to get paid even if it wasn’t against the property was

just recorded in that county to have to get paid off that’s what happens when when you let the attorneys write all the laws if there’s any attorneys in the room I apologize but it’s true yeah what I like to do is I like to what I let you always let one person in the house handle utilities and of course he hates his two friends after a couple months because they’re not paying him but it always happens but yeah so what I like to do also is every single parents on the lease they’re all

on the lease I mean so the signature on that lease is just you know you get all the parents you got the and you get the the actual students yeah oh well I like to do it at the same time yeah I don’t know I mean you’d have to have separate entrances or something because I don’t know how many people want to just go live with two random folks I mean maybe maybe when you’re a freshman you get thrown in a dorm


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