party they say oh yeah I had to get rid of my house I just let somebody just take over the payment you did really oh I had no other option I had to now the person will support their decision and that’s what you need you need people that want to support their own decisions don’t take over variable interest rate loans subject to already told you that because what happens the payment could go up could the payment go down sure but it usually doesn’t doing a bad creative financing

deal just because you can you’re gonna be able to take over some people’s properties but you really shouldn’t just because they’ll let you do it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea either a it’s got to be a property to live in so you’ll make the payments or be it’s a property that at least is gonna make some money you know if you’re not gonna at least make a couple hundred bucks a month or have some equity in the deal you might as well pass on it just because it’s cool and

it’s it’s it’s attainable doesn’t mean it’s a good idea does that make sense and then giving up before you succeed that’s probably so cliche you’ve probably heard it a hundred million times I gotta tell you in life if you never give up it’s amazing what you can accomplish I was living out of my truck in Nashville Tennessee I was I was homeless and ten years later I’m a public speaker an author and I teach people how to invest in real estate all across the country the

Caribbean and in Canada it’s good I ever gave up but this doesn’t just relates to real estate but whatever you want to do stick with it most people don’t but when you do it’s amazing what you can accomplish in life all right so hopefully you’ve been listening we’re gonna challenge those brains of yours all right so here we go I’m gonna give you the details this is a for rent sign that you saw you’re driving around you give it a call person’s asking $1,000 a month the owners


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