It’s so easy to change as well so easy to change like so many people like how the hell did Simon buy three properties in two years Simon hasn’t been earning ridiculous money like neither of us have been earning like life-changing money we are both so freakin good at identifying what our casa reducing those costs and then taking the surplus and instead of spending it saving it and then once we’ve got enough for a deposit buying something instead of sitting or making action and you know the difference I have never met a single millionaire and we talk to millionaires every single day of the week like every single day we’ve got clients that are in that position we’ve got clients that have these incredible passive incomes already these incredible businesses or I’ve never talked to a single millionaire that can’t tell you on the spot how much is in their bank account exactly what their break-even point is in their life and exactly what their goals are for the next five years to where they want to be.

Now that’s like being a bit brutal and I don’t mean to be like intense when I say that but it’s like there’s a there’s a reason that they know these things there’s a reason they know how much money they’ve got because that’s a sign of where they’re going to be that’s an immeasurable thing there’s a reason they know how much they spend in their life because they want to know what surplus they have to achieve their goal and then it’s a reason they have a clear goal fuck I am so clear on my goal I’m not in control of it they learn you know at the moment we’ve got a great business and the markets nice but like you know three months ago the market was pretty bloody hard and you know sign up and I didn’t get dividends for six months so it’s like these things go up and down and it’s just that’s what we don’t have control over all we can do is show up consistently get better when there is money to be saved to put out the bucket and save it.

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