I know where I am in my journey as well and I’m compassionate to myself for that as well but as long as you pay yourself first yes none of these other things have to even be a combo exactly Simon regardless of what is the expenses are on me regardless of what our expenses are put a certain amount of weight every single week for investing now I’ll figure out a way to like pay for the stuff that I need to pay for but that amount for ten years now has been going out and it’s a priority and it started off as a hundred fifty bucks a week yeah yeah and at times it’s been you know 150 bucks a week again yeah when I was at uni I was put in like 20 to 25 dollars a week away I was only earning like 180 dollars a week yeah because I was at full-time uni and just working in retail not earning much money and regardless like I have always no matter how much money I’ve earned always made sure that I’ve saved a little bit like because at that time 25 dollars a week.

You know felt like more than I should really be putting away because of how little I was earning but and the name would be to enjoy those finer things in life go on a snow trip when when it was snowing or go on a little surf trip or going a little overseas holiday and not have to get a credit card out like I’ve done the credit card thing once and so I’m glad I did it because I’ll never do it again my service didn’t figure of diddly yeah yeah it was spending me paying him off when we got home that was depressing I was working like a full-time job as a carpentry construction laborer I’d also lost my license I was getting up at like 5:00 a.m. riding three K’s catching the train riding ten case to the site working all day riding home then riding back to the station going and working in a bar three nights a week making like good money I was making like 1,400 bucks 1,500 bucks a week in the hand like 19.

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