Yeah and when times get a bit leaner tighten up the belt like at the start of the coronavirus of the day I came back from Cannes I went interest-only on all five of my loans that day like I said in emotion that’s taken me three months to sort it all out but I knew that by going interest-only I could immediately say 50 grand a year yeah I cut down we had Disney Stan and Netflix I cut it back to just Netflix yeah we had all of these different expenses going out like at the time I had a cleaner I had a gardener a little cleaner I cut them that day yeah just immediately I didn’t know how bad it was gonna get I have money in the bank just to pay those guys for years without owning a dollar it’s being proactive proactive it’s not the thing that kills people is cashflow it really is and then when they got more money going out it started in the right broker that’s right the more money you have going out in a deficit you were just drowning the day that you have a dollar going out.

Now dad says that to us cuz he’s been in business forever and he’s like what saved him in really bad times is having more money coming in than going out and having a buffering place to protect himself and I think these are important lessons for everyone like I don’t know I get excited and passionate the thing is success leaves clues guys so if you’re working towards something and you feel as though you’re a little bit stuck look to the advice of people that have done with what you’re doing there’s so many great books out there the barefoot investor like I think what an amazing book to just help the average person figure out their finances in life and get on top of their finances so you know that there’s ways to help you if you feel as though you’re struggling and if you’re already doing the great stuff you know high five well done to you because you know we’ve sort of set it up I’ve still got a long way to go and I know that.

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